The Djerbahood project gathers 100 artists from 30 countries to paint the streets and walls of Erriadh, a village in Djerba, Tunisia. The aim of this project is to transform the village into an open-air gallery of art, during July and August. Here are some of our favorite graffitis.

Saner y Curiot de México

(via adi-fitri)

الفنان يطلب الجمال..والمفكر يطلب الحقيقة..والثائر السياسي يطلب العدالة..والصوفي العارف يطلب الله .. وهم قد اختلفوا في الظاهر ولكنهم ما اختلفوا في الحقيقة .. فإن الحق العدل البديع الجميل كلها من أسماء الله”

The artist seeks beauty, the thinker seeks truth, the revolutionary seeks justice, the Sufi seeks Allah. They differ in their appearances, but in reality they do not differ, because Truth, Justice, Creativity and Beauty are all names of Allah.